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Leuzzi Family Welcomes Home Baby

In-Home Lifestyle Newborn + Documentary Family Session | 2022 - Nashville, TN

I have to admit that I have not shared this family yet, and baby C just turned one this past weekend. I have been a bad photographer, friend, and 'auntie' in not sharing them with you. This family is special to me. My husband grew up with Mike. They are closer than they are to their own brothers. Mike is the reason I met my own husband. Caroline is just as special to me because she has become like a sister to me.

A family made of a mom, dad, toddler, newborn baby and two small dogs sit in a window seat together.
Leuzzi family at home

In 2019, just as their older son turned one, they moved from Chicago to Nashville so that Mike could work with the new MLS team there - a really cool job if you ask me. We were sad to see them move away but knew it was not that long of a drive to visit - so when baby C made his debut last February, we went for the cuddles, the photos, and some good food.

I had to capture Big Brother P and the fur babies while we waited for Baby C to finish a nap with his Uncle Chad. P likes to cook in his kitchen, although it is more than his kitchen - he will pull up a chair and insist you join.

When baby C was up and ready, he got his first bath. Big Brother P helped out by supervising it all of course.

The rest of the photo time was about 'lil man and cuddles with his family.

Everyone is happy to have Baby C around. He is an adorable 'lil man with a Big Brother who wants nothing more than to play soccer with him, like now. I miss them all so much and can't wait to make our way back to get more of these cuddles.

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