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Meet the Photographer

Hi. I am Victoria. The photographer and owner around here.

My story begins when I was a teen, and those disposable cameras were everywhere.  I had them for everything until I had a point-and-shoot that fit in my pocket. I was that kid that was in all the things - I played sports (Soccer and Tennis), I was in advanced art classes and clubs, I was in journalism, Theater (mostly behind the scenes, but I made it on stage a few times), I played the Viola in the Orchestra, and more clubs I have forgotten about. So, I captured most of it. Some of those disposables are still sitting undeveloped in a box next to my varsity letters. 


20+ years later, I am pretty sure I have ADHD, but it all led me to Columbia College. Columbia understood that most artistic minds are like mine - scattered and hyper-focused all at the same time. My concentration was in Interior Architecture - I was (and still am) fascinated with how environments can affect everything that we do. A part of obtaining my BFA was taking classes outside of my concentration, Like photography (almost like they knew we would never stay in our own lane). It was on my schedule in a particularly stressful semester, and it QUICKLY because almost like therapy for me. I wandered the city, watching people and how they interacted with each other and the things they encountered. I found some of the first things that brought me joy. 

Fast forward, I decided that I wanted more Joy in my life, made photography my career, and brought my love for street photography into the beautiful chaos of weddings, family events, and the moments that creep up in between it all. This past year I moved into a studio with my studio partner, Jill, who amplifies my creative mind and tells me when I am too much.  

My daily joy comes from the first coffee I drink in the morning,  the books I read, the books I am writing (and one day will allow others to read), the music I listen to (from Mozart to Metallica, just no country, please),  the plants in the house and gardens outside, the man I married, the smiles from my daughter, the cat on my lap, the trips we take, the smells that come with rainy days, and talking with the moon. 

After minor moments in the dark, I promised myself that I would continue to seek light - both the literal (sunrise/sets will forever have my heart) and the figurative one that comes with joy in our lives. 

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