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How Exciting. I am so happy you stopped here during your planning adventure.

I stumbled into this crazy world of wedding photography a few years ago and I have found that I just really love when stories are told with real moments, real emotion, real tears, and less of the posing like your attending prom in 1997 (unless that is the theme you're going for.... if it is let me grab my scrunchie and I am on the way) 


What you see here isn't for everyone. Definitely not what your grandmother has in mind for your photo album (don't worry - we get a few she will adore and show all her book club friends). I look for details, moments in between the first kiss and first dance, those moments where your sister is up a wedding gown fixing something, the moment where the ring bearer sits at the bar when no one is looking and orders a drink, or the moment you hug your grandmother in the middle of dinner. 

Why? because those are real memories that are only for you - no one else has them. Everyone has their first kiss and most look the same. Not everyone has a grandfather who joins the dance floor when Snoop Dog is playing and dances like he knows what he is listening to.

Chances are you already knew that though if you are stopping by this little page. Take a look around.. then ask me all the questions you have. I have a few for you too. 


the wedding

...its all about the details 

Scenic Engagement

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 Full Gallery Option  - $650

Adventure Engagement

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Full Gallery Option - $950

One Location 

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Weddings & Elopements

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No two weddings are the same though, so let's talk all about the experience that you are imagining and make sure that your memories are preserved the right way.