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 The in person or video chat consultation allows all of us to meet, talk about your relationship and dreams and what is the best way I can tell your story. 

Engagement Session


We take time to plan, picking a location that reflects your relationship, looks pretty, and  light will elevate the emotion. We pick the day, setting aside two hours for exploring the location and celebrating your relationship. 

Pre-Wedding Meeting


Again, either in-person or on the phone, 2-3 weeks before your wedding we have a chat about your day. This is where we get all the final wedding day details on paper in a timeline, pick locations that support your photos for the day, make shot lists, and prepare for all the fun of the wedding day. If you are working with a planner or coordinator, we include them in this call because chances are they have been working on this already and we are a team. 

Next 24 Hours


All of your guest have a phone in their pocket, they probably took a few photos and posted them to  social media. I join in on that fun and share a handful of the best moments from the day with you within 24 hours of my departure from your party allowing you to laugh and cry a little bit more. 

Delivery Day


About three weeks after we pick all the good stuff, I come to you with your Album and any prints. If you purchased wall art - I come help you hang it. Hopefully we stay in touch after this and you can stare at each other on the wall every day.

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Once your dreams are all on paper and we know what the best way is to make it live forever, a contract is drawn for you. Booking is a signed contract and a 40% retainer. 


I don't want to be just the photographer, I want to be a resource for you during planning. One of the coolest things about the area I live in is the sense of community in my professional market. If you need help with something I know who can help make it happen.  I also put you on my email list, you get a few emails (seriously I am not that organized for daily or weekly emails) that can be inspiration or tips that will help you along the way. This is also a feature you can opt out of at any time. 

Wedding Day

YOU - Should just be sitting back enjoying all the things and taking it all in. I laugh and cry along side you and your people while documenting all the things in their best light. As long as that pre-wedding meeting was productive - everything will be beyond those dreams we wrote down at our consultation. 


This gets scheduled during the Pre-Wedding Meeting for three weeks post- wedding. I come to you with your Wedding Gallery, you sit on your sofa with your wine, beer, or coffee and take it in. We also take time to pick all the parts of your album and maybe filling that home with your memories. Invite your Mom, your Maids, or take it on your own - either way we make it an interactive fun thing to do together. 

Gallery Presentation