Zoey is Baptised - the Greek Way

I was born into a Catholic family. I went to church weekly, I was sent to Sunday school, baptised, confirmed, and all that good stuff but I never felt connected to the catholic faith. I do have faith, I found it in college. It is a faith that spans over all religions and beliefs. I enjoy seeing the traditions and customs that each one has and appreciate many things from each. So when I was asked to document the Baptism of Zoey for her Family, I of course said yes. These are moments that we remember later life and should be documented.

Zoey and her family are Greek Orthodox, and although my best friend is Greek Orthodox- I never really participated in anything of that faith. Let me tell you how awesome it was to be apart of that. The church was beautiful and the ceremony was memorable, both for the tradition and the right of passage.

The Greek faith makes the catholic faith look dull and boring. So much passion and vibrancy. It was truest an honor to be apart of this.

Take a peek at all the things that happened in the course of an hour.

Congratulations to Zoey and her family.

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