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You NEED to print your photos and this is why...

Photos have became a normal occurrence in our lives. Selfies, cute things our kids do, special moments at our friends weddings, and random things we think are important enough to document. I'm guilty of this as well. You don't want to know the amount of personal images that I have in the digital graveyard. Where do your images go? Facebook, Instagram, emailed to grandma or ...nowhere.

Did you know that the life of your Facebook post is between 3-6 hours depending on their algorithm? And that Instagram post about half that time? And twitter.... just 18 minutes. That is quickly diminishing as our attention spans disappear. Some people won't care but I do because after that short lifespan they go into the digital graveyard on the dark side of the internet.

You should be printing your images. No, not all of them and not just the school photos or professional images. Why? There are many, many reasons.

Imagine this, on your phone are photos from your daughters first birthday, hospital photos of your nephews entrance into the world, and the last image of your great grandmother before she died. Your phone keeps telling you to back up and you keep ignoring it. Your toddler has learned two things - the phone has videos and the toilet flushes. One day while your folding laundry your hear a flush and wander in to see that phone clogging that toilet. ....the rice trick doesn't work and the Genius Bar at Apple cant fix it and you ignored that backup warning. All those moments are lost.

Printing your photos makes them tangible, physical reminders of milestones and memories. They become inspiration to do something like take another vacation or make new memories. When you hang them on the wall they become conversation starters for visitors and when your kids get curious.

Printing saves your favorite images from the digital graveyard and tech change, issues or worse...becoming obsolete.

So your asking what can I do with them when I print them?

Well obviously you can print them larger, frame them and hang them on the wall. It's the most traditional option. Classic black frames, by themselves or in a grouping are easy wall art. Like these.... our wedding photos.

You can make a gallery wall with a grouping of images in various sizes and things that compliment them. This is Olivia's gallery wall. I themed it on adventure with hopes that she will learn that she can go and do whatever she puts her mind to.

Create wall art with small square prints, wires and clips. It's modern and allows flexibility to change the images with the season. This is my office wall.

Or make a book! Or a dozen. I have made it a goal to make at least one book per year for my daughter with all the photos we take of her. This one is from our vacation last August.

Instead of emailing or texting grandma and grandpa those super cute photos of your kids... send a Greetabl, photo postcard, or a calendar that allows them to show off their grandkids at work. Our family loves getting these. Great grandma loves an 'envelope of cuteness' and my Dad loves the calendars.

Next week I will help you find your go to places to print your images, I have been doing a good amount of research for you. In the mean time - go print a few of your favorites and redecorate a wall in your house.

Happy Printing!!! - V

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