I LOVE FALL. Everything about it. Sweater, scarves, brisk mornings (not cold ones), leaves falling, the smell in the air, pumpkins, halloween, the colors, cuddles by the bonfire, the warm golden glow of the sun and the light it provides at sunset because its magical. Its because of that magical light that I especially LOVE taking photos in the fall.

This is the Schug Family, They are sooo much fun. I have photographed them during my discovery project and we had a blast so I was really happy to hear that they needed fall photos. Even more excited that they wanted to do them in their backyard (so many textures, colors and this really cool red barn).

They have an abundance of milkweed growing and as an icebreaker the kids 'Made it snow', best idea ever and the credit for that goes to Jacob. He had no interested in photos, just wanted to play, he thought that he was being a rebel - instead he was inspiring.

This is Addie, she is gorgeous and I swear resembles the girl that plays Super Girl on the 'Supergirl' TV show. She is confident and strong, too. A bit wild with her hair BUT I love it! Its golden, long and caught the light so beautifully. I hope she is always as free as she was the few times we have met.

Then there was Jacob, like I said he didn't want to do pictures. This is common with kids - I guaranteed him two things 1) that he was going to have fun 2) he will give me a real smile. He didn't believe me but in the end I got a few real smiles, like this one and I'd say he had fun playing soccer and chess (even if it wasn't a full game)