• Victoria McDonald

The Montano-Sossin Family

The Montano - Sossin Family Fall photoshoot was in the Reyerson Conservation Area - If you have never been there - GO, its super cool. This was Mom, Dad and Two red-headed little girls in a fall setting - I may have been a little excited for it - All that Color!

I took Tori into a dried up creek bed, 'there are rocks!!!!' - she kept reminding me, so we of course played in the rocks. It turned out to be an awesome spot for her. The light got caught in her hair and emphasized all that red and those curls.

Little Liza had her moment in the sun with a gorgeous prairie area with wild grasses that made a golden glow for her. To her sisters surprise, she didn't mind the camera at all.

Then we got Mom and Dad in the fun Just before we lost all our sun, complete with Giggles, Cuddles, and the run away baby. :)

With Liza running away and the sun dropping low on the horizon we called it a night, but the girls were a lot of fun. Thank you to the entire Montano-Sossin family for a fun shoot!

- V

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