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Temper Tanrums, Tears and Toddler fun at a Photoshoot

It's on all our minds leading up to a photoshoot - What if my kid doesn't cooperate? 

Let me tell you a little secret - they most likely won't. Not even my own child does. 

This is why photographers won't ever 'just snap one photo' or reply to the 'I only need a few photos' inquiries. Any photo session planned takes into account the kids that like to explore their environment before the pay attention, those that cry around new people, and those that need to warm up before they give you that big ok' smile. 

My Olivia is an explorer, she like the textures of the grass and taking in all the noises around her. So knowing this, we played on the ground for a bit and waiting for the sun to get into the right spot. 

Having patience is key and letting them explore can give you a few special moments that can be captured. A good tip for parents with adventure kids - arrive early and them explore their environment (within reason of course, maybe leave mud puddles until the end of the session) 

 Those that need extra time getting to know new people take a bit more patience. Letting the photographer know ahead of time is a great start, they can prepare to help break the ice. Before you head to your shoot make sure hey understand where they are going and why, maybe show them the About Me page on he photographers webpage. Seeing who they will meet can take the stranger feeling away. 

Don't worry Mom... they will connect it just can take a few moments. 

Tears and temper tantrums are a bit more serious. I will advise my clients to make sure naps and meals are done leading up to their session, and when planning take schedules into consideration.

At the session: have a snack, drink, and a toy that they find extra special on hand. They will come in handy for most tantrums. Sometimes remember this might be their way of saying 'enough- lets go'. I never want to send away a family with an unhappy kid but it happens on occasion. 

A few other tips to keep in mind before your session to make sure kids are happy and want to cooperate. 

- Don't stress yourself out! Kids pick up on our stress and then think they need to be stressed too.

- Pick out all the outfits well ahead of time so your not rushing to get it together the day of - this is stressful for hen too. 

- Tell Dad or older kids that might complain about photos to zip it!!! Smaller kids will mimic this action. It's a hard one to overcome. Tell them to fake it for the littles and it will go super quick. 

No matter what - trust that the photographer can get you a magic moment and you can walk away with smiles - if my Olivia can do it (shes so over that camera at 4 years old) then your littles can too!! 

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