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Planning For Spring Photos

It's Here!! It's finally here! Spring showed up after Winter just wouldn't leave. The trees are finally waking up and flowers are blooming and ....aaaaahhhhhh-choooo.... my allergies came back too.

So, I know there are a lot of you that are planning on Spring Photos. Here are a few good things to keep in mind while planning for them.... and even your summer ones.

1) WEATHER | Watch closely and Plan carefully. Photographers usually take on the role of Weatherman/woman so they (I) should have a good idea if a reschedule needs to be made... BUT rain isn't always a bad thing. It also may only rain a few moments when your weather Ap Says Rain all day, I know many of the photographers in my area, including myself, may not call a reschedule for weather unless it is dangerous or there is no chance of capturing anything great.

A good thing to keep in mind is that although those sprinkles and puddles are a lot of fun, a backup plan isn't a bad idea.

2) LOCATION | Although scouting is part of my job as a photographer and I encourage you to choose one that has meaning to you - it's SPRING and sometimes we just want to go to a pretty spot. Things to keep in mind about new locations, is photography allowed? Some places don't allow or do with a permit fee - Know ahead of time or ask your photographer.

I'm not sure about everywhere, but in my area there are a good amount of controlled burns. So some of your favorite spots might not be there, take a peek (I usually do this as well) and make sure its still ok.

Did it rain? Are those paths paved or dirt? The good spots might be a giant mud pit - Keep this in mind.

3) SUN | The best time of day for your photos is determined by where the sun is. Early morning and close sunset yield the best light - all year round. If that sun is behind those clouds - don't worry that allows a bit more freedom for photo moments to happen almost anywhere.

It may not be summer yet, but that sun can still burn you. Grab that SPF before you leave the house.

4) BUGS | They are back! Bees, wasps, mosquitos, and ticks. (taking a moment to cringe) I can't do much for bees and wasps other than try and steer clear of them, for mosquitos and ticks though. I can not stress how much brings your bug spray with (I usually have some in the car) with save your photos and maybe more. Both are REALLY bad in Northern Illinois and carry diseases. I try to prepare for them as much as possible but they are sneaky. I recommend a tick check on EVERYONE once your home, as well as, a bath to clean off all the DEET. TRUST ME - use the DEET.

5) WHAT TO WEAR | FUN colors or course!!! my usual answers are:

- dress comfortably, no need to be uncomfortable just for a photo.

- Nothing too Trendy or out of the ordinary from what you would wear.

- Dress for the weather

- No cartoon Characters, crazy patterns, words across the shirts, or large team logos.

- I also encourage you to not dress identical to each other - it does not photograph well - someone usually gets lost.

More guidelines come in an email shortly before your shoot with me but these can hold true for any photoshoot you will ever have.

6) FUN | Make your photos fun. Talk about it like an adventure and you will prepare your family for smiles and they will have fun with it. No stress allowed, moms..... seriously. No stress.

Can't wait to see some smiling faces this Spring and summer.

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