PHOTO TIP TUESDAY | Preparing for your Families Photos on your Wedding Day

Family Photos are the part of the wedding day that can be stressful, but it does not need to be. Here are a few things that will help you plan them into your timeline.


Your photographer will request this, and so many people forget to do it. Spend 5 mins - thats all it takes. Write down a list of your family members who need to be included in your family photos. The best kind of list looks like this:

- B+G with Brides Parents (Ken + Dedee)

- B With Parents (Ken + Dedee)

- B with Mom (Dedee)

- B with Dad (Ken)

- B+G with Brides Parents + Siblings (Ken, Dedee, Jason, Megan)

- B+G with Brides Grandparents (Ken, Barbara, Al, + Betty)

- B+G with all of family listed above

- Etc......

Making your list as detailed as possible will help the photographer keep control and efficiency with this time. Without a list there can be chaos and a lot of time wasted.


Picking a non-wedding party person on each side of the family can who can help find these family members is a huge help to the photographer (who doesn't know anyone past you and maybe your parents) its also a major timesaver as long as there are no rouge wanderers looking for the open bar to quickly.


In most weddings, family portraits take place just after the ceremony. (not all, some do it before as well) Giving a small heads up to those who are involved to stick around after your epic kiss.

When your letting them know where to be, also let them know that any front pockets should remain empty (for guys) and purses or bags are not needed.


If possible, outdoor locations make for the best photos, both for lighting and space. A quick talk ahead of time with your photographer can help determine if this is the best way or hanging out on the alter of the church best suits your story. Either way - communication is key.


On Average, each family photo is roughly 2 mins. This is gathering, setting everyone, and taking a few shots. So when planning on how much time they will need, count the shots on the list you made an multiply by 2. This is the block of time needed for those photos. If your family is large - do not try and squeeze them + bridal party photos into the time you have for cocktail hour. It will stress you out.

I hope these help your planning!!

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