PHOTO TIP TUESDAY | How to dress for photos

One of the most asked questions about photos is 'What should I wear?' Well I can't pick out your clothes but I have a few tips that I tell people when they ask that question.


There are two types of patterns simple, like a stripe or check pattern, and complex like florals. Start with the complex pattern. These are usually in girls or moms outfit. Once you have that picked out coordinate the rest of the families outfits from the colors in that pattern.

This Skirt was pulled from JCrew, its very Complex Which mean an abundance of colors to pick from. The girls dress is a nice pink, dads shirt is a teal color, and the boys shirt is a simple pattern with two of the colors bringing things together. Pair the shorts with grey kakhis or light jeans and your set.


Notice I said Coordinate. Its so tempting to want to match everyone with the same patterns or colors. Making everyone match does not photograph well, its also very dated. Think Coordinated. Follow the patterns or color family and you will be fine and super stylish.


Sounds weird when your planning a photo shoot with your family, right? I don't mean yoga pants and your college tee though. You want to be able to move easily though. Especially if your kids are runners at all. Consider the types of materials - remember those dreadful taffeta dresses our parents made us wear... itchy and the seams were tight. Just Remember that when picking everyones attire.

Also keep in mind how it fits. Just a little too tight can be majorly uncomfortable.... same thing if it is too big. Too big also means tugging, which can be distracting.


Unless your replacing the photos that are on your wall every year, dressing in something that wont make it to another season is not a great Idea. Be true to your own style just click it up a notch. Stick closer to the classic styles if you must search for something new so every time you look at that photo on the wall you still love it.


I will never forget a story I once heard of a little girl coming into a studio for her birthday pics. Her shirt said 'sassy' but in half her images her arms covered the first and last letters leaving a not so nice word. It is super important that kids (and dads) wear tops that do NOT say anything - unless that is the point of the shoot. I also mention that cartoon characters and sports teams should also stay at home. Again, you want to love the photo on your wall every time you walk by it.


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