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Photo Tip Tuesday | Engagement Sessions

Tomorrow is National Proposal day. In honor of this very prestigious holiday lets talk about things that will make your engagement session mean so much more. First, why are engagement sessions so important? Aside from capturing a chapter in your love story this is a workout for your wedding day. This gets you a moment to get to know your photographer and how they work from shooting to delivery of images. This is where you learn what you like and don'y like about poses or how much PDA your including. BONUS: you have amazing images to use on your entry table at your wedding OR you can turn your favorite into a guest book.

Anyways, on to Tuesday Tips!!

Chicago Wedding Proposa
Brian + Kat's Chicago Lincoln Park Proposal


Unless you my husband, you have put a lot of thought into this moment. Capture it!!!! Go through all the details with the photographer from timeline and location and how your coming. BONUS: you can have a super romantic lifestyle or documentary session afterwards.

Woodstock, IL Wedding
Be like Kristen, Get your Makeup Done


Trust me, you will glow with confidence and look amazing!

Ladies, TREAT YOURSELF!!! Get a blow out, manicure, and make up done to have a polished look. Nothing crazy, makeup should be natural - no glitter or shine - just enough to highlight those features and bring more magic to those eyes.

Guys, Get a haircut but like three days before. Fresh haircuts look fake in photos and need a few days to look natural. If you have facial hair, clean it up a bit or treat yourself to a barber style shave (I hear they are heavenly)

Chicago Bridge Engagement Session.
Kurt + Nikki's Chicago Engagement Session


Pick a location that you either have a connection with or reflect your relationship. This might take a moment to think about but these are the places that hold a special place in your heart. Maybe it is your neighborhood, where you met, your first date, a place you go together on a regular basis, or as simple as at home. The location will make you feel more comfortable and make the images more successful.

Fall Engagement Session Union, IL
Jenna + Eric's Fall Engagement


This can vary from photographer to photographer. My rule of thumb is that this is all about you. So you should dress like you, just cleaned up. Don't wear Anything overly trendy that 10 years later you will question yourself on, Do be as comfortable as the location and activity allow - should be comfortable so you can enjoy it. Don't wear new new shoes - break those things in. Think about what your going to do with these images - going on a wall.... wear colors that look good in that room. Going to make a guest book - dress a little nicer to compliment the theme of the wedding.

AND... when in doubt.... ask me!!

Chicago Riverwalk Engagement Session
Emma + Jon's Chicago Riverwalk Engagement Session


This should be apart of what to wear but its so important that It gets its own spot! IRON YOUR CLOTHES. Especially shirts. (cough - guys) Can wrinkles be edited out, yes... but then shirts can look fake and I going to have to charge for extra editing. No one wants that, ironing take a few moments at home or dropping it off with your dry cleaner earlier in the week. Hell, some dryers will take wrinkles out of your clothes - use it.

I hope these help you prepare for your engagement session!!! Remember - when in doubt ASK ME!!

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