Midwestern Venues Edition of My Wishlist.

Every wedding photographer has a bucket list of venues they wish to document a wedding at. Most never want to admit to it... but I want to share the list and extend a special something to couples that want to get married there and need a photographer. These are not sponsoring me to say the things I will say - they are just a collection of cute places that tug at my artistic heart.


My home state, this one is the longest because I have been staring at these places for soooo long.

Whispering Woods - This venue has all the fairytale feels with a ceremony site in the woods among the tall trees. It is magical. I personally don't think the event space is all that special but with the right florist (cough cough Apple Creek) you can get insanely creative in bringing the outside magic inside. This place has 20 Acres of woods, 10 Acres of Ponds, and 5 acres of prairie to make your photos options endless. They have two onsite getting ready rooms as well as a Chalet for a romantic overnight stay. Bonus for me, I'm super close.

Providence Vineyard - I actually don't love barn weddings. Too many of them look the same, there is too much wood making it difficult for lighting well, and very few are temperature controlled making it usually very hot to work in. This one is different. I watched them build it (via the internet of course) they thought of the things that make them different - like the Tuscan doors and that giant chandelier, it is all white which is a DREAM for photos and keeps it classic looking for years to come. This places has its own magic and makes for epic wedding images. Even better, every vendor that I have heard work there - just loves the team that runs it.

Firehouse Chicago - Firehouse Chicago is just that - an old beautifully restored Firehouse on the Northside of Chicago. It is for smaller affairs but it will be a memorable one. It has all the little nuances of a firehouse - yes there is a pole - but it all was updated with amenities that will make a wedding event perfect. Rooms to get ready in, an Ivy clad garden on the side, the big fire door. You can see yourself in those places I am sure but now image you - dressed to the nines and ready to get married but sitting in a copper tub with a bottle of Champagne - YEAAAAH We need to make that happen.

The Crystal Gardens - If you have been on Navy Pier you have walked past this beauty. A white iron and glass conservatory with tropical plants that surround you and your guests transporting them to another place. As the sun goes down - you get golden hour light most likely at dinner and then dancing under the stars. If you plan right - there are also fireworks. There is room for a full band to make this magnificent space and so many opportunities to bring in people that will decorate it will all the class and elegance once can dream of.

The Palmhouse - Tucked in Evanston, Il this is a newer venue that got my attention with the colors and textures that are sprinkled throughout. So many spaces forget about color or are afraid of color and the owners too color by the horns to make this warehouse space unique and fun. They have two private suites for getting ready, a full commercial kitchen with catering partners that make foodie dreams come true, and two full bars where they will make all the cocktails you want.