Meet my little sister, Megan. Today she turns 25. Yay!! 🎉🎂🍷

Before the weather got mean we went to explore a an area new to both of us and I took some photos of her. The sun was golden and the trees were holding on to the last of their leaves. I fell in love with this particular place, it seemed as if it changed every 20ft and the light danced in all the right places. It was also the perfect place to get a few good shots of Meg.

Megan may look girlie with her curly hair, heels, and makeup better than I can ever do, but she's so much more. She is strong, independent, smart and will change the world one diet at a time. She loves a good hike in the woods, which is why she fits in well here. The only thing missing is a spot to drop her kayak. I hope today her birthday treats her well! Happy Birthday!!! 🎂🎉

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