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Kristen + Travis's Woodstock In-Home Engagement

Kristen and Travis are so cool. Really, they are. I met with Kristen back in January, we talked about the two of them and their wedding and she talked about how they moved here from Virginia and bought a house that they were doing work on. It is an older home, common for Woodstock, IL so there is a lot of love that goes into upkeep alone. So, even though we were waiting for nicer weather to do their engagement session - I suggested a chill in-home session with coffee and snuggles. They agreed that was a great idea - bonus, The cats decided to join!

Woodstock In-Home Engagement Session

Kristen hails from New Jersey (and her description of her family leads me to believe that their wedding will be an epic party) and met Travis while attending college in Virginia. They love the outdoors, coffee, craft brews, and their cats (who are super fun). The coffee thing is serious - Travis made a pour over that smelled like heaven and Star Wars mugs - Seriously, How are we not best friends yet? I love sessions with coffee because everyone gets relaxed and cozy.

Woodstock, IL In-Home LIfestyle Engagement Session

There was some super cute cuddly moments that followed the coffee and to my surprise to kitties that were social. My cat is social - when he wants to be but usually ignores everyone. Then they let us take a few photos - both looking at me (there many have been a a bribe) without any photo manipulation to make it look like they did. Curious to see how they are with a house full of girls getting dressed for a wedding?

Can not wait for August - Kristen and Travis are going to have a fabulous day!!

Woodstock, il In-home lifestyle Engagement session

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