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I can list a thousand things that I am grateful for. Some obvious, Like my Daughter and Husband or coffee. Some are less obvious because if you don't talk to me 24/7 you wouldn't know that I am grateful that I have found a few communities to be apart of to further myself in photography. These are online communities of creatives and photographers. We talk, learn, share stories and lean on each other because we understand each other.

In one of those communities this week a sad yet inspiring story came up. A Photographer in Kentucky, Lacy Hillard, posted this favor to anyone listening:

'Hey there, Rising Tiders. I have a favor to ask. I recently did a session with this sweet girl. Her name is Abby and sadly she's currently fighting an aggressive form of brain cancer called DIPG.

In the past few days Abby's health has taken a turn for the worst, which leads me to my favor...

I'd love to "Take Abby Everywhere". I'd love for Photoshop savvy members to take my images and put Abby in a background of your choice. I want to take her around the world or the imagination. Run wild with it. If I get enough images, I will put them to a slideshow with her favorite song, "Let it Go."

This is very time sensitive...

I know this is a very busy time of year for us all but if you have the time to spare, please consider helping me put a smile on this beautiful girl's face.


This brought tears to my eyes, still does every time I re-read it for updates. No child should suffer and no parent should have to go through that. So without even thinking I joined in and knew exactly where I wanted her to go. (I had to narrow it down a bit)

CLOUD GATE in Millennium Park. If your visiting Chicago it's a natural stop - mostly because it is hard to miss.

Lincoln Park Zoo's Zoo light celebration - at any age this is a fantastic place to go and the lights make it fit for any princess. Chittenango Falls, NY - This is right where Chad (the Husband) grew up just outside of Syracuse. I always love to visit, its beautiful, not at all light her Ice Castle .... until January. A beach in Malibu, CA. Its peaceful here and every girl needs a beach from time to time.

Last but not least - she stepped back a few weeks in time to celebrate the World Series Chicago Cubs at the Parade.

I don't know Lacy but this project she is doing for Abby is beautiful. She was sent to a lot of places around the world and visited her friends from her 'Frozen' world. A video was built this evening for her and her family. I hope she loves it! There are no words you can tell someone so young or her family in a situation like this that will truly make them feel good. I hope this project can give them a few smiles together for whatever time they have.

It was a nice reminder that photos are important. Memories that are frozen in time for those to remember you by next week, 40 years from now, or generations later that will put a smile on someones face.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Gratefully yours - Victoria.

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