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Congratulations Ashley & Rob, A Woodstock Engagement Session

This past year I have slowly made my way into the world of Wedding Photography. I started in May with a Styled Shoot (which you will see next week) and this engagement shoot for Ashley & Rob, whose Wedding I will be photographing in December at the always fun Starline Factory. The wedding stuff has been fun and I am excited to share more of my journey as it unfolds.

BUT FIRST: Ashley & Rob....

I have known Ashley for about 4 years. I have not known her without Rob.

They met at the local Golf Course where she was working back in 2012, they talked when he came in and talking led to much more.

Just a classic Girl meets boy - boy asks her out - they fall in love - and thanksgiving of last year he proposed. A simple and sweet story that will withstand the ages.

Ashley & Rob's Engagement session was scheduled for a day that was absolutely gorgeous... until it was time to go out and shoot. The bright blue sky turned cloudy and a storm literally sat on the edge of us - thunder rolling and a little bit of lighting - - not a drop of rain though. It gave us such a moody atmosphere to play with in the woods. (which us nerdy photographers love btw)

We went to a forest area outside of the city of Woodstock, there you find these really cool pine trees that make for a great backdrop.

Feels a little bit like the PNW.... just a little bit.

Through the entire time we were together there were lots of laughs and smiles. Come December - these two will be very easy to photograph.

If can dance in the woods while it storms behind you - I'd say your going to be very happy together for a long time.

Congratulations, Ashley & Rob!! I can not wait to photograph your wedding in December!!

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