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Chicago Rooftop Wedding of Brian + Diana

What better day than Valentine's Day to reboot the blog part of this webpage! Especially, Since I can share a chapter of someone's love story.

Today is February 14th, 2019. The coffee is hot, my window is open and I hear birds, and love is in the Air. Because I am so behind on telling you these stories we are going back to July of last year to peek in at the wedding of Diana + Brian.

Diana + Brian got Married on a beautiful Saturday at the end of July. They got ready at different hotels in the city and got married on the Rooftop of the East Bank Club overlooking the river. It was simple, sweet, sophisticated, and reflected their relationship 100%!

Travel and Adventure was the subtle theme that they chose. They both love to travel and Diana took it very seriously.... she didn't find a dress here so she flew to Thailand and had it handmade. It was unique to her personality and had delicate beauty.

Diana and Brian's wedding party was a super rare - It was all made up of their siblings. Diana has three sisters (and a whole bunch of brothers) and Brian has three brothers! This wedding was ALL ABOUT FAMILY. Let me tell you - that is amazing!! Each moment of meaning is elevated when your surrounded by family and the love they have for you makes up the air around you.

After Getting Ready photos with both of them and their family. We headed over to the East Bank Club for the Rooftop Ceremony. They were serenaded with a Live Band, Diana walked down the aisle with one of her brothers to meet an overjoyed Brian and another brother officiated the ceremony.

Saying 'I Do' on the rooftop of the East Bank Club in Chicago
Diana and Brian's Chicago Rooftop Wedding Ceremony

After the two said 'I DO' We headed over to the riverwalk for photos.

The Reception was back at the East Bank Club, there was a cake with the world map on it keep ing the travel theme and the speeches were some of the most memorable ones I have yet to hear. The brothers teamed up together to give a speech both serious and funny. Everyone had a great time while they danced into the night.

Reception night shot of bride and groom on the Rooftop of the East Bank Club in Chicago
Brian + Diana on the Rooftop of the East Bank Club in Chicago

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