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5 Late Fall Photo Moments

Fall isn't over. That fall feel will start to fade away however. Here are a few fun ways to continue the celebration and capture those fun moments. Ones that you don't need a photographer for... that's right a DIY photo list just for you.

Grab your phone and make sure you document those special moments before the holidays take over.

LEAVES!!! Before that big machine comes to vacuum all your leaves up you might as well have some fun with them first. Throw them in the air, roll in them, or hide in them. Whatever activity you have your kids do the colors, textures, and smiles will be awesome. Get down on their level and have some fun with them.

PUMPKINS!! Seriously messy means seriously great photo moments. Especially because the messy pumpkin carving moments will only last so long before 'It's like, so not cool, Mom'. So lay down some brown craft paper (from the roll) and lay out the pumpkins on the floor to ensure optimum fun and easy clean up. While they carve and put their senses go into over drive, you can capture the smiles and slimy fingers. This is my Olivia's favorite fall activity by far.

A HIKE!! you might think this is just a walk, but a Hike can be an adventure or scavenger hunt. It's a perfect time to snap a few photos. Kids are natural adventurers and seek out the interesting things. You can hike in tall grasses and get some pretty textures or in a forest where the logs, trees and leaves make for fun colors and occasional hiding spots.

BAKING!!! This fall has been full of rain that has ruined outdoor activities. That doesn't mean that the fun stops though. Baking can warm the house, the belly, and keep everyone occupied for a decent amount of time. Not to mention, flour covered toddlers is super cute. Again - messy moments make for great photos.

READING!!!! Reading never gets old and a lot of us do it with our kids every day. Now that school is in full swing helps that out a bit. There are also a ton of books that are halloween - fall - thanksgiving - holiday themed that we are most likely not tired of yet. It's something that we take for granted and should document those little moments. It's also something that Olivia enjoys.... just ask her principle.

I know life gets busy this time of the year with school functions, halloween, thanksgiving planning, and the holiday creep up out of no where, but take some time.... go outside with your kids..... or snuggle together on the sofa. Whatever you do that makes you smile with them is worth a photo. If not for you.... for them when they are older and looking back.

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