Suggested Photo Locations

- On the street near the condo

- Outside the Powerhouse Building

- West River Walk with Riverview 

- west Riverwalk with classic Architecture

- In the Garden at 150 Riverside 

- Along the River at 150 Riverside

3:30 PM: Victoria Arrives at the Condo. (Parked closer to Gibsons)  

          - A few detail images to start with - see detail list to have what you want to be documented prepared.

          - Candids of the end of getting ready - Make sure the room is tidy and everything going with you is 

             ready to go to optimize our time.  

          - Rooftop photo? A few of prepping to leave ...etc. 

3:45 PM: Street portraits - Under the L tracks, Maybe powerhouse, Along the west river walk + 150 Riverside. 

4:14/:20 PM: Take a few moments before ceremony time

4:30 PM: Ceremony Go Time!! at Riverside Plaza.

4:50-ish: Ceremony over - Hugs all around. Family Photos 


Brittany + Peter (Brittany's Mom/Dad + Brother + SIL + Niece/Nephew)

Brittany's + Peter (Brittany's Mom/Dad + Brother + SIL)

Brittany's + Peter  (Brittany's Mom/Dad + Brother)

Brittany's + Peter  (Brittany's Mom/Dad)

Brittany with Mom/Dad

Brittany + Peter (Peter's Mom + Brother + SIL)

Brittany's + Peter  (Peter's Mom + Brother)

Brittany's + Peter  (Peter's Mom

Peter + Mom

5:10 PM: Head over to Gibsons - grab a few photos at Gibson  (elevator image, few 'candids' at the table in the private room) 

5:30/:45 PM: Victoria Departs and you enjoy an amazing dinner with family. 


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