Gretchen + Wills Wedding

June 19th, 2021   | Chicago, IL 


9:00 AM: Victoria Arrives at Gretchen's Room (Intercontinental Hotel Room 3500 Presidential Suite) Details and candids captured and finishing getting ready. 

9:30 AM: Erin (Second Shooter) arrives at Will's Room (Intercontinental Hotel Room 3001) * SD Card Handoff at Room 3500*

10:15 AM: Girls Depart for Church 

10:30 AM: Guys Depart for Church

11:00 AM: Ceremony Go Time 

12:00 PM: Leave for the WAC 

12:20 PM: Family Photos on the Rooftop of the WAC + Cocktail Hour 

1/1:30 PM: Served Lunch 

2:15-ish PM: First dance + Parents Dances. 

3:30 PM: Erin Departs 

5:00 PM: Sendoff  On Ground Level

5:20-ish PM: Lakefront Portraits at Museum Campus. 

5:45-ish PM: Everyone departs...  

Family List 


Gretchen's Family: 

- G+W with Parents, Brother, Grandmother 

- G+W with Parents, Brother

 - G+W with Parents, Grandmother

 - G+W with Parents,

 - G+W with Grandmother

 - Gretchen with Grandmother

 - Gretchen with Parents 

 - Gretchen with mom 

 - Gretchen with dad

 - Gretchen with Brother

Tom's Family: 

 - G+W with Parents, Grandmother

 - G+W with Mom,

 - G+W with Grandmother

 - Will with Grandmother 

 - Will with mom 

 - G+W with both their parents 

 - G+W with both their parents and their siblings 

 - G+W with both their parents and their siblings + Grandmothers