How are you doin'? I'm doing great. I just had a great cup of coffee and I am rockin' out to Foo Fighters (or listening to the Daily), I just need a fall breeze and a good burger to call it heaven. 

You want to know who I am. I am a photographer, a Llama-mama to 9 year old Olivia and Otto (our orange cat), Wife to my Chad, a Creative, a Libra, a 7 on the enneagram, a wanna-be traveler, I like bands that play heavy and books that explore places I can't get to and Mae you think, , I like the beach but love the mountains, and when time allows a hike in the woods. 

I have been a Photographer (both unofficially + officially) since my time at Columbia College (soooo roughly 15 years). I did not go to Columbia for Photography but I found myself drawn to it. My time in Chicago is the most influential on my style of photography.  There is a balance between telling the story that is unfolding and making beautiful portraits that get passed down to grandkids. 

Between my own wedding experiences and the beginning years of Olivia's life I have a new focus on preserving the things that most people take for granted. The moments that seem small at the time but in 10 years, it's apart of your favorite story to tell. 


93 Berkshire Dr, #B

Crystal Lake, IL 60014


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